We are a state-of-the art shop for organic food with a big range of products right in the city-center of Zittau.

Our product range consists of a rich selection of healthy organic fruits and vegetables, an assortment of up to 60 cheeses and freshly baked rolls and breads.

Foodwise we leave nothing to be desired: At our shop you can fulfill all your daily needs regarding food & drinks, including a wide choice of deep-frozen and refrigerated products.

All our products are organically produced in accordance with the EU`s current rules of origin and organic certifications.

These regulations ascertain that any use of genetically modified crops or livestock in foodstuff is forbidden. No herbicides or artificial fertilizers may be used. All animals have to be kept in a species-appropriate environment and may not be fed with animal meal. The preemptive use of antibiotics or growth stimulants, being widely used in conventional agriculture, is not permitted.

Additionally to foodstuff we sell certified natural cosmetics and ecological detergents.

Free parking slots directly in front of our store are provided during the duration of your shopping.
Our store`s entrance is even to the ground and for convenient use of baby carriages, wheelchairs or walkers.

Shopping at our place guarantees you to shop healthy food in an eco-friendly way!

We are looking forward to your visit,

Cornelia and Andreas Hieke
including our Team of the BIOasis

BIOasis your fresh way to shop natural food
Cornelia und Andreas Hieke GbR
Lindenstraße 4
02763 Zittau

Phone/Fax : 03583 / 586484
E-Mail: info@DIESE ZEICHEN LOESCHENbioase-online.de

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday from 9am-6pm

Saturday fom 9am-1pm Cash, EC-cards, VISA-cards and Mastercards accepted
(no minimum turnover)